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First day of the road trip September 27, 2010

Categorie: Sloeries — DucSloerie @ 5:38 pm

Sunday was the start of the road trip, we woke up in HOT Phoenix, took a quick shower and of to the Walmart for some shopping, got ourselves a nice Ice Box to keep the drinks and food cool, and had breakfast at Subway. From Phoenix we went to Watson Lake in Prescott as our first stop.

The landscape was beautiful and temperature 101 degrees, damn… Lots of cactuses like from the movies, a quick stop to take some pictures, not too soon because soon after the landscape changed as we climbed higher. The stop in Prescott was nice, there was a festival at the lake with hippies talking about how to live the good life, really fun and the lake was pretty after the desert like landscape.

After the first stop we traveled into the mountains across a beautiful pass, looking for gold… And Danielle found it at Gold King Mines Ghost town in Jerome. Great place where we could hang out forever shooting all the old shit lying around 🙂

Then we wanted to go to Montezuma Castle as it was on the route to Sedona, arrived 5 minutes before closing so we did it Japanese style, jump out take some photos and on our way to the hotel. Our bodies were telling us it was way past our bedtime but we had to take some pictures of the sun setting across the Red Rocks, this place is really beautiful and well worth another visit.

We checked in to our hotel, La Quinta Inn, much better than the Phoenix hotel. And then walked across the street to the Blue Moon Cafe for a burger and Blue Moon Draft beers 🙂 All in all a awesome start of the road trip…


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